Brand Culture

Group Philosophy
Ronghua Ditial adheres to the corporate culture of integrity, pragmatism, teamwork, and sharing, and continues to create value for customers. It is committed to being a leading provider of intelligent equipment manufacturing and solutions in the global digital printing field.


Group Team
Ronghua Ditial has the industry's top R & D team. The company and its holding subsidiaries legally own 162 patents, including 16 invention patents, 136 utility models, 10 designs, and 23 registered trademarks and 49 software copyrights. Established scientific processes and specifications for products from engineering design to procurement, manufacturing, and testing. At present, sales and technical service support systems have been established in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, which has laid a stable foundation for Ronghua's global development path.


Group Office
Ronghua Ditial is located at Tangxifangqian Industrial Zone, Yinzhou, Ningbo. It has an elegant office area, a wide and bright exhibition hall, and a clean and dust-free factory. The factory environment is beautiful and pleasant, and it is equipped with a football field, a large basketball court and books Libraries, hospitals, and specialized staff dormitory buildings that provide employees with comfortable working conditions and relaxed living and entertainment conditions.


Group Vision
Create value for customers and become a leading provider of smart device manufacturing and solutions in the global digital printing field.