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Application of Automatic Creasing Machine and Common Troubleshooting


The automatic creasing machine adopts international adv […]

The automatic creasing machine adopts international advanced technology to launch a high-efficiency paper processing machine. The theme of the machine adopts advanced resin sand casting ductile iron, which provides a solid guarantee for the overall structure, so that the machine can achieve high productivity, multi-function, high safety and humanization operating.

The wide application and broad market prospects of automatic creasing machines have attracted many companies to enter the ranks of automatic creasing machines. The automatic creasing machine has formed a complete product variety series, and has reached a high level in technology. The working principle of the automatic creasing machine is that the paper feeder feeds the paper into the front gauge and the side position through the paper feeding part, and then the paper is sent to the die-cutting mechanism by the tooth row for secondary positioning and die-cutting. The tooth row is sent to the waste removal organization, and then enters the delivery section after the waste removal, thereby completing the die cutting operation.

Common troubleshooting of automatic creasing machine

1. Mechanical failure: Automatic flat die-cutting machine often has the problem of tilting of the moving platform, mostly caused by foreign matter falling into the die-cutting place. Generally, report the position of the wedge block under the moving shaft first, and at the same time turn the moving platform to the upper limit point, monitor its relative position with the upper static platform, and ensure that the four corners of the platform and the upper static platform (where the die-cutting blade is clamped) Equidistant between them, so that the problem can be solved.

2. Electrical failure: Because the central control of the automatic die-cutting machine is controlled by PLC, the main detection points, electrical switches and output actions are all commanded by the PLC, and its internal program is a ladder logic diagram, so when there is a problem in the electrical aspect, repair The personnel must first understand the ladder logic diagram, and then it is simple to find the cause of the fault.

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