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Full Color Printing Machine has Good Market Competitiveness


Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-colo […]

Whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive colors, it can be printed at one time, without plate making, printing and repeated color registration, beautiful colors, realistic effects, waterproof images, sun protection, and wear resistance. Strong focus, no fading, easy operation of the machine, stable performance, creating higher printing quality than traditional methods, fully meeting the high-intensity mass production requirements of various industries, and significantly improving the market competitiveness of full color printing machine products.

Especially suitable for screen printing factories, toy factories, plastic products factories, hardware factories, iron printing factories, five glass products factories, crystal products factories, plexiglass factories for customers to print products in batches, make samples, and produce fast, good image effects, and deep Loved by the majority of customers, it will win proofing time for factories, etc., take more orders, and quickly print products produced in the factory in batches. It can be used in a wide range, and it can really achieve the effect that you want to print. The imaging speed is fast and the image is clear and the effect is excellent.

Product proofing-fast; product processing-low cost; product environmental protection-high quality.


1. Pictures can be printed on any material. Such as: gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, crystal material, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc.

2. It can print pictures on irregular curved surfaces. Such as: mobile phones, telephones, U disks, glasses, vases, pens, etc.

3. Can print cylindrical objects. Such as glasses, vases, pens, etc.

4. Object height: 0-17CM

5. No intermediate consumables. Such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature tape, heat transfer equipment.

6. Product scope of application:

(1)Various photo studios, wedding photo studios, scenic spots, hospitals, schools, etc.

(2)Industrial application: For the sample proofing and mass production of plastics, electronics, hardware, plexiglass and other industries, it has the characteristics of rapid sample production and doubled processing.

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