How does the Creasing Machine Work?

Summary:In the creasing machine, several paper transfer rubber wheels move synchronously, grab and suck the transferred paper, a...

In the creasing machine, several paper transfer rubber wheels move synchronously, grab and suck the transferred paper, and send it to the paper feeding mechanism. When the paper transfer rubber wheel grabs the paper, it immediately relaxes and returns to the original position to pick up the next paper. Traditional paper stacks need to be manually aligned and then placed on the stacking table, while the paper suction component and the paper delivery component are likely to cause the remaining paper to shift in position during the work process, which affects the transfer of the paper; and sucks the paper. At this time, the paper underneath is easy to adhere to the absorbed paper, and static electricity is easily generated between the paper transfer rubber roller and the paper, which makes the paper easy to stick together and affects the later work of the paper. The automatic creasing machine is divided into many configurations, and you should choose different creasing machines according to the material you are die-cutting. In the actual die-cutting production, the assembly adjustment of the mold in the creasing machine is particularly important. The assembly and debugging of the mold are also called "tool mounting". The correct position of the mold mounting tool directly affects the production efficiency and product quality of die-cutting production.

The creasing machine is mainly used for die-cutting (full-broken, half-broken), creasing and bronzing operations, laminating, and automatic To discharge waste, the creasing machine uses steel knives, metal molds, steel wires (or templates carved from steel plates) to apply certain pressure through the embossing plate to roll and cut the printed product or cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire printed product is press-cut into a single graphic product, it is called die-cutting: if a steel wire is used to make a mark or a bent groove on the printed product, it is called an indentation; Heat to a certain temperature. Hot stamping of patterns or fonts with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed product is called hot stamping; if one substrate is used to overlay another substrate, it is called laminating; except for the rest, it is called waste disposal; the above can be Collectively referred to as die-cutting technology, it is important equipment for post-press packaging processing and shaping.

Regarding the punching and creasing machine, especially the die-cutting of self-adhesive trademarks, the non-precision die-cutting knife is simply unqualified. The molecular structure of steel is tight, the blade is full of flexibility, and there is not much rebound after bending, and the molecular structure still maintains a close connection. When choosing high-quality steel, you can consider the toughness of the tool. It can meet the requirements of customers, and the die cutter can be adjusted to different hardness according to the different requirements of customers, and the blade can be adjusted to be soft for bending and the blade to be hardened to make it durable. The high-quality die-cutting knife is well protected and not fragile, and the brittle carbon molecules retreat from the surface of the die-cutting knife so that the surface of the blade will not be brittle when it is bent, which will cause the blade to break. It looks like a layer of soft skin tissue wraps up the blade, making it easier to bend into shape. Generally speaking: When choosing a die cutter, you should choose according to three principles: whether to produce a long version; whether the customer's requirements are high; whether the pattern to be die-cut is complicated. The creasing machine is suitable for die-cutting and creasing processing of folding cartons, pasted cartons, and corrugated cartons. It is currently a relatively common type of die-cutting equipment used by domestic packaging and printing companies with the continuous development of the packaging and printing industry.

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