How Long Does It Take to Oil the Digital Creasing Machine?

Summary:The creasing machine is a special equipment for pressing all kinds of ordinary cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic ...

The creasing machine is a special equipment for pressing all kinds of ordinary cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic sheets and leather products, so this equipment is mainly suitable for the production of printing factories, packaging factories, color printing factories and plastic industries. So do you know how long the creasing machine is filled with oil? Let me tell you about this issue.

Due to the high pressure of the creasing machine and the heavy load on the moving parts, the lubrication part of the machine is very important. Of course, it is also mainly because the friction surface of the arc-shaped guide rail of the creasing machine and the moving surface of the curved ring support the movement load of the whole machine. If you sell oil, the coefficient of friction will increase greatly, so it may sometimes cause the sport's slippery surface to bite and deteriorate rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the amount of oil over time. And the oil filling port of the equipment should regularly check the bearings driven by the motor. The bearings of the creasing machine and the shaft of the machine are sealed and lubricated with butter, and the oil should be changed in time every other year. Or you also need to know that the auxiliary shaft of the creasing machine and the composite bearing bush of the three shafts are filled with lubricating oil through four glass oil cups, and the oil cups must be filled with oil when the machine is running. The lubricating oil of the connecting rod is injected into the lubricating oil through four copper oil cups, and there are oiling windows on the side of the gear. Of course, these are also places that we usually need to maintain. If you don't understand something, you can call us at any time for a consultation. After entering the official website, you can see the contact method, and you can also consult the online customer service staff. It will help everyone to solve some problems with the quotation method.

Before starting the creasing machine, manually drive the transmission shaft with a wrench to make the pressing frame reciprocate several times to check whether there is any paper jam. Turn on the power for trial operation, and the direction of rotation should be consistent with the running mark. Then you need to check whether the safety guard is tight and whether it is loose. Check that the creasing machine and electrical equipment are dry and that the insulation is intact. Add lubricating oil into the oil hole of each oil cup, and observe whether the oil pipe and oil passage are unobstructed. The guide rail of the machine base should be lubricated by adding lubricating oil through the oil pan. Please be sure to strictly abide by the regulations and precautions mentioned in the instruction manual of the indenter (each indenter is equipped with it). Lubricating oil should be refilled frequently, not less than 2 times per shift. Or pay attention to the movement of the indenter in daily use. If any abnormality is found in the indenter, it should be shut down in time for maintenance and repair by professional indenter maintenance personnel. The evacuation caused unnecessary losses. The creasing machine should always be observed and kept clean and in good condition. Here we also recommend that you conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the creasing machine once a week to ensure the normal use of the creasing machine and the safety of the operator, and ensure the smooth completion of production.

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