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Multifunctional Paper Selection and Humanized Design of Digital Creasing Machine


Ronghua Digital is a creasing machine manufacturer, mai […]

Ronghua Digital is a creasing machine manufacturer, mainly includes digital creasing machine, manual paper creasing machine, paper creasing machine, automatic creasing machine and pocket creasing machine.

Let's introduce the Ronghua digital creasing machine. If you are interested, let's look down.


1. Multifunctional paper selection

Ronghua Digital can crease clear lines on many types of paper. Not only painted art paper, hard paper, but also copy paper. It can reduce dents on paperback books, documents, business cards, photos, invitations, etc.

2. Humanized design

The Ronghua Digital folding machine has a bilingual display function. A variety of options to meet different types of customer needs. Non-jam/paper jam detection is also one of the features. It is very convenient for customers to solve some problems. Due to humanization, it can also quickly adjust the indentation slope and indentation depth design.

Packaging and delivery:

1. The packaging confirms the export wooden box standard, which is strong and durable. The thickness of the wooden box is generally 1 cm.

2. For waterproofing, we usually use foam film for packaging machine.

3. We can also handle transportation for customers.

We provide a 12-month warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free technical support and free replacement of normal spare parts, except for man-made damage. We will provide all customers with the best service and after-sales service.

The creasing machine is widely used making different media paper such as hotel, wedding, invitation brochures, etc. The operation interface use the big LCD, the system fault-tolerant design automatically recognize many kinds of error information.

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