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Office Folding Machine is A Common Small Folding Machine


Office folding machines generally have one folding tray […]

Office folding machines generally have one folding tray, which can achieve four folding methods. For some people, the folding machine has two folding trays that can achieve six folding methods. Office folding machine has the characteristics of simple operation and high degree of automation. Mainly used for mass folding of postal letters, product manuals, official letters, and business letters.

When the high-speed folding machine conveys surface polishing, PVC-coated, and PET-coated paper, the high-speed movement causes the paper to be electrostatically charged, resulting in adhesion and adsorption, causing the folding machine to stop frequently. This problem greatly troubles the folding machine. For designers and manufacturers of Ronghua Digital, this difficult problem has been solved by Ronghua Digital’s technicians after a long period of trial production and R&D.

They launched a 3WL model of super-slip, anti-stick, anti-static stainless steel plate, which has been used by several major domestic large-scale folding machine manufacturers and has filled the domestic gap. It has completely replaced the same type of imported products in Germany and is the domestic folding machine industry. Stepped into the ranks of international leading technology and made a great contribution.

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