Operation Method of Binding Machine Punching

Summary:When we use the binding machine, we all like to first understand its use method. Here we are going to introduce how to u...

When we use the binding machine, we all like to first understand its use method. Here we are going to introduce how to use the binding machine?

1. Install the handle: when we install the handle, we must find the right position, put the handle prepared with the box on the right side of the binding machine (note: handle working angle), tighten it with a locking screw, not too much Loose and not too tight.

2. Paper consumption: It must be determined according to the paper quantity specified in the manual of each model, and it cannot be excessive, as it will cause many problems. It may cause the following situations: ① The handle cannot be pressed down, it is too thick, it is difficult to operate, wastes time, and it is difficult to penetrate through the paper barrier. ②The margins are not balanced, and the paper edges are prone to curling, which will damage the paper. This is a very unwise choice. ③The square shaft is twisted and the service life of the binding machine is shortened. Such improper operation will quickly reduce the service life.

3. The principle of adjusting the paper margin is: to determine the margin size according to the diameter of the pull ring, and the margin can not be wrong, otherwise, the paper will be damaged. The method is: to use the adjusting screw (installed behind the binding machine) to adjust the scale to achieve the purpose of margins. Many voucher binding machines are used in binding machines, and many people will buy voucher binding machines. The rule is: the diameter of the loop is large, the margin of the paper is increased, the diameter of the loop is small, and the margin of the paper is reduced.

4. Punching operation method: ① Arrange the paper neatly, close to the positioning block, and feed the paper into the machine in parallel until it reaches the top position. ②Press the paper with your left hand, hold the handle with your right hand, press down until the blade penetrates the paper, and then lift the handle. ③ Take out the printed paper steadily with both hands. If the paper hangs, press down the handle repeatedly and lift it up to take out the paper.

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