Operation Process of Folding Machine

Summary: The operation process of the folding machine is introduced: 1. The operation of the paper feeding mechanism of the fold...

The operation process of the folding machine is introduced:

1. The operation of the paper feeding mechanism of the folding machine

Put a stack of papers in order to be loaded. Thinner papers must be indented first; when stacking papers, lower the stacking table to a suitable height.

Special note: The stacking operation directly affects the folding quality. Therefore, when stacking paper, the side and front sides are required to be flush.

2. Use of punching, longitudinal knife and creasing knife

(1) Installation of punching blade

Loosen the compression nut on the left, break the disconnected part of the blade, insert it into the knife shaft, and then position it on the knife seat, and then tighten the compression nut on the left.

The purpose of perforating is to expel the air trapped between the pages of the book, so as to avoid wrinkles during the vertical folding. Different papers should choose punching blades with different numbers of teeth. When folding and perforating paper under 90g/m2, short-toothed blades should be selected, and long-toothed blades should be used for thicker papers.

(2) Installation of slitting blade

Slitting uses a toothless blade, which is mainly used for slitting paper.

When slitting and punching, the adjacent paper feed rollers should be close to the slitting and punching part to support and transport the paper.

(3) Adjustment of indentation blade pressure

The size of the blade indentation pressure should be determined according to the thickness of the paper, which is generally achieved by adjusting the compression nut. In addition, different knife ring gaps should be used for different papers.

3. The use of paper take-up machine

The speed of the paper feeding belt on the workbench of the paper take-up machine is changed by the knob of the regulator, turning it to the right to accelerate, and turning to the left to decelerate.

The tightness of the paper feeding belt can be adjusted by screws, and the pressure of the paper roller can be adjusted by knurled screws.

The lifting adjustment of the delivery table is realized by the action of external force and gas spring.

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