Overview of Folding Machine

Summary:The composition of the folding machine is similar, mainly composed of three parts: paper feeding, folding, and paper del...

The composition of the folding machine is similar, mainly composed of three parts: paper feeding, folding, and paper delivery.

(1) Paper feeding part

It is divided into two types: sheet paper feeding devices and continuous paper feeding devices. The paper feeding device is mainly responsible for the task of separating and conveying paper, and can accurately convey the printed pages to the folding part.

(2) Folding mechanism

According to the different folding mechanisms, the folding machine can be divided into a knife folding machine, a fence folding machine, a grid knife hybrid folding machine and a plastic line hot stamping folding machine.

①Knife folding machine: the working principle of various models of knife folding machines is basically the same. When the folding machine is working, the paper is first separated by the paper feeding device, and the paper is moved forward by the conveyor belt. After positioning and lateral orientation, the folding knife moves downwards to press the paper into the gap between the relatively rotating folding rollers, and the paper is sent out by the folding rollers to complete the first fold. After cutting, the punched one-fold signature is Conveyor belt to the second folding position, and then to the third and fourth folding positions to complete the second, third, and fourth folding work. According to the needs, the different folding mechanisms and the corresponding collection devices can be used to obtain the folding method. , The number of folds and the format of different book signatures.

②Barrier folding machine: Its folding mechanism uses folding fences and relatively rotating folding rollers and baffles to complete the folding work. The grid folding machines have only two varieties of side-opening and four-opening.

③Barrier-knife hybrid folding machine: Its folding mechanism has both a fence-type folding mechanism and a knife-type folding mechanism. Its structural characteristics are generally fence-type for one and two folds, and knife-type structures for three and four-folds.

(3) Receiving part

The delivery part can be in the form of a movable delivery trolley. The height and angle of the delivery cart can be adjusted according to the origami style. And as an independent stepless speed regulation function, which can be adjusted according to the folding speed.

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