Structural Features of Creasing Machine

Summary:The creasing machine has all-steel upper and lower indentation molds, which are durable. Clear marks can be produced for...

The creasing machine has all-steel upper and lower indentation molds, which are durable. Clear marks can be produced for coated paper, kraft paper, or photo paper, which is not as often replaced as rubber marks, and the indentation effect on thick paper and hard paper is not good. With a small footprint, easy operation and convenient maintenance, it is ideal supporting equipment in the binding process. Undeniable for making documents, business cards, photos, invitations, etc. The die can be changed to press dents of different widths.

The creasing machine is used to die cut various sheet materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic and leather. Widely used in printing, packaging, decoration and plastic industries. Divided into manual creasing machine, automatic creasing machine.

Main structural features

1. The sliding bearing is made of cast copper alloy, which is wear-resistant and damped.

2. The flywheel torque is large, and the pressing force is large.

3. The fuselage is made of high material integral casting, with high strength and good rigidity.

4. The single-plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

5. It has three functions single-piece pressing, continuous pressing and opening delay, and the delay range can be adjusted at will.

6. The operating height is designed reasonably, and the opening angle of the press frame is large.

7. The centralized lubrication system ensures good lubrication and reduces wear.

8. The safety protection system is reliable.

The die-cutting and indentation are processed by the die-cutting plate and the bottom die on and below the paper. For example, in embossing and bronzing processing, the upper part is the embossing plate or the molding plate, and the lower part is the honeycomb plate with the female mold. Hot stamping of anodized aluminum can be done by heating the upper molded plate to 160°C. Hot embossing is possible if equipped with a heatable lower stencil. The installation and preparation of male and female molds can be carried out on auxiliary equipment outside the machine.

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