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The Emergence of Folding Machines has Greatly Improved Printing Efficiency


With the emergence of the modern printing industry, the […]

With the emergence of the modern printing industry, the paper folding machine has greatly improved the printing efficiency. It is a modern printing equipment. Usually the printing processing industry has two forms of book and newspaper processing and packaging processing, and the folding machine is a common type of books and periodicals. It is mainly responsible for the post-press work of newspaper processing, optimizing the production process and integrating operating procedures to produce each product more reliably. The rapid development of the printing industry nowadays has put forward newer and higher requirements for post-press equipment. Let's take a look at the future development trend of folding machines.

1. The new generation of folding machines pay more attention to details: It can be said that details determine success or failure. The folding machine also pays more attention to details in structure. The new type of folding machine strives to do better in details. Improvements in details will be widely welcomed by printers.

2. Functions have been further expanded: There is no doubt that folding machines with more powerful functions are more likely to be favored by customers and easier to obtain a larger market share. The function of the current folding machine far exceeds the simple functions of the well-known 16-fold or 32-fold folding machine. Some folding machines also provide many special configurations for users to choose, such as closed door folding, online glue spraying, and opening Window punching, inkjet printing and other functions.

3. Development towards high speed and high stability: At present, the maximum production speed of the folding machine has been increased to 40,000 posts/hour, due to its high degree of automation and simple and flexible operation. The preparation time of the folding machine is greatly shortened.

4. With the continuous progress of social civilization, consumers' requirements for printed materials are becoming more and more diverse and differentiated. The diversity and personalization of printed matter have made more and more "special-shaped" books. On the other hand, full-open folding machines with excellent performance have emerged for the production of full-open format printing presses.

5. Low-noise desktop folding machines will be developed: Noise pollution has always plagued printing companies, and major printing companies are trying to eliminate noise and reduce its harm to workers. Optimize the working environment of workers. Low-noise folding machines have received the approval of printing companies in post-press processing, and desktop folding machines are even more effective in eliminating noise.

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