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There Are Many Different Design Variants of Industrial Shredders


An industrial shredder is used to reduce various materi […]

An industrial shredder is used to reduce various materials. Industrial shredders have many different design variants, many sizes and applications.

The main categories of designs in use today are as follows: horizontal hammer mills, vertical hammer mills, single-shaft, double-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft design slow-shear shredders, single-shaft or double-shaft design single Shaft grinders, granulators, knife pigs, rasp hammers, biscuit factories and refineries. The industrial crusher is mainly composed of rotor, auxiliary blade, shell, motor, transmission system, power system and electrical control system.

Commonly shredded materials include tires, metal, car wreckage, wood, plastic, leather, paper and garbage. Industrial shredders are not universally used because they can process paper as well as wood, plastic, metal (including complete vehicles), depending on the size and design of the industrial shredder. Industrial shredders are usually used to process materials into different sizes for separation or to reduce transportation and recycling costs, but the main purpose is to upgrade materials by pulverizing metals, plastics, aluminum, metals, automobiles, and scraps. As municipal solid waste or nuclear waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, including ordinary garbage.

Due to the different hardness of different materials, the blade is also slightly different. Some manufacturers divide industrial shredders into metal shredders, plastic shredders, tire shredders, waste aluminum shredders, wood shredders, etc. according to the different blades of industrial shredders.

An industrial shredder is any shredder that can be used in industrial applications (not consumer applications). They can be equipped with different types of cutting systems: horizontal axis design, vertical-axis design, single-axis, two-axis, three-axis and four-axis cutting system. Whether these shredders are slow or high-speed and is not limited by their speed or horsepower classified as industrial shredders. Very well, at present, a portable small industrial shredder has been developed, which is small in size and low in price. It is more suitable for personal use and small industries.