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Uses And Characteristics of Cardboard Laminating Machine


The cardboard laminating machine is used for the one-si […]

The cardboard laminating machine is used for the one-sided automatic laminating of the printed product with a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) pre-coated film or non-adhesive film. The laminated surface of the printed product is bright, colorful, high-strength, waterproof and moisture-resistant. The working pressure of the machine is large and stable, fast heating, low noise, stable operation, can be widely used in the cover decoration of textbooks, books and periodicals, and the surface coating processing of printed materials such as New Year pictures, wall calendars, maps, handbags, stickers, and cardboard.

Features of cardboard laminating machine:

1. The heating optical axis adopts a mirror chrome plating process, with a diameter of 320mm, good coating quality and long service life

2. The composite rubber shaft adopts a high-temperature resistant rubber shaft and is driven by hydraulic pressure, which is stable and reliable in use

3. This machine does not need glue, saves the glue application process, is economical and environmentally friendly

4. No need to bake tunnel, save power and space

5. The control system adopts a man-machine interface touch screen, with a high degree of automation

6. The film feeding part adopts the inflatable shaft to feed the film, which can quickly change the film, the positioning is accurate, and the film tension can be adjusted at will

7. Double-channel punching device is convenient for users to choose and use according to different specifications of paper and film

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