What are the Components of Creasing Machine?

Summary: The overall structure of the automatic flatbed die-cutting and creasing machine is similar to that of a sheet-fed offse...

The overall structure of the automatic flatbed die-cutting and creasing machine is similar to that of a sheet-fed offset printing machine. The whole machine is composed of three parts: paper feeding part, die cutting part, and paper delivery part. The offset printing machine is basically the same, only the die-cutting part is different. This kind of die-cutting and creasing machine has the functions of cold and hot embossing and hot stamping of anodized aluminum while die-cutting and creasing.

The molded part is composed of an upper-pressure plate, a lower backing plate, and a transmission component.

The upper platen can also be called a die press head. It is made of a certain thickness of steel plate. The surface of the steel plate needs to be finely processed to carry the upper frame plate for the installation of the die press.

The lower backing board is a part of the basic structure, including the lower board frame, whose main function is to support the printed matter at the moment of molding.

The transmission component is the pressure system of the molded part. Commonly used are: toggle drive pressure systems, convex shaft drive systems, double toggle drive systems and other different forms. Generally, the pressure application system is equipped with pressure gradual and pressure delay devices, and the pressure holding time can be selected according to the needs of the molding process. The pressure adjustment is completed by a special organization, which can be adjusted at will during the operation or shutdown of the machine, and the value is displayed synchronously by the display instrument.

Die-cutting and creasing are processed by the die-cutting plate and the bottom mold on and below the paper. For example, during embossing and bronzing, the top is equipped with embossed relief or molded plates, and the bottom is the honeycomb plate with female molds. Hot stamping anodized aluminum can be achieved by heating the upper mold plate to 160°C. If equipped with a heatable lower stencil, hot embossing can be realized. The preparation for the installation of the male and female molds can be carried out on auxiliary equipment outside the machine.

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