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What Are The Folding Methods of The Folding Machine?


Today, I will talk to you about the folding method of t […]

Today, I will talk to you about the folding method of the folding machine. If you are interested in this, please read on.

The suction force of the suction nozzle of the folding machine is greater than the suction force of the suction wheel, adjust the suction valve or remove the suction piece.

The needle valve on the suction nozzle is not opened, lower the collision screw.

The gap between the end face of the suction wheel and the air inlet is too large, adjust the gap to 0.2mm.

The solenoid valve suction time is too short or too long, it works badly, and the synchronous detection inductor does not work. Adjust the pulse, control the suction time, change the solenoid valve, and adjust the synchronizer.

The suction wheel is too far away from the paper pile. Adjust the electric eye to make the distance between the suction wheel and the paper pile be 3~5mm.

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