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What Kind of Book is The Saddle Stitch Booklet Maker Usually Used to Bind?


The most common saddle stitch booklet maker method for […]

The most common saddle stitch booklet maker method for binding; after the book pages are matched by the sleeve matching method, the cover sleeve is added to form a complete sticker, and wire nails are inserted into the book from the crease of the book, and the bent feet are locked to bind the book signature Cost. When using this method for binding, the signatures need to be spread flat and ride on a tripod for binding, so it is called saddle stitching.

There are two binding methods for saddle stitching. One is to bind and bind at the same position of each signature, which is called Qi binding; the other is to interlace and bind between the signatures, which is called Staggered binding. The staggered binding method is suitable for binding thicker book blocks with matching pages to make the books flat. The saddle-stitching method is used to bind books and periodicals, the process is short, the book is published quickly, and the cost is low. The book can be spread flat when flipping, and is easy to read. However, the iron wire is easy to rust and has low fastness, which is not conducive to the preservation of books.

Saddle stitching adopts the matching method. Books and periodicals should not be too thick. Generally, only thin books of about 100 pages can be bound at most. They are mostly used for binding magazines, pictorials and various booklets. Before ordering the book, the folded signatures should start from the middle one, stack them one by one, and finally put the cover on the top. This process is called page binding and page matching. After subscribing, the rough book needs to be cut on three sides, and finally processed into books and periodicals that can be read. The most common saddle stitching production line is to connect the machines used to complete the above three processes, and use a common transmission to continuously complete all the processing of books and periodicals from the page to the cutting.

What book is in saddle stitch binding form?

Saddle binding: A simple form of book binding. When processing, the cover and the book block are matched together to form a book, and the book can be formed after binding and cutting. After the binding, the saddle-stitched book is nailed and exposed on the last fold of the book. Since the book block is bound on the stapler when stapling, it is called saddle stitching. Magazines are generally bound in this way.

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