What is the Difference Between Digital Laminating Machines and Copiers?

Summary:The main difference between digital laminating machines and ordinary copiers is mainly the different working principles....

The main difference between digital laminating machines and ordinary copiers is mainly the different working principles. The working principle of ordinary copiers is: through exposure and scanning, the optical analog image of the original is directly projected onto the charged photosensitive drum through the optical system to generate an electrostatic latent image, and then the copying process is completed through the steps of developing, transferring, and fixing. The working principle of digital laminating machines is: firstly, through the CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor, the optical analog image signal of the original produced by exposure and scanning is photoelectrically converted, and then the image signal processed by digital technology is input to the laser modulator to modulate The final laser beam scans the charged photosensitive drum, and generates a dotted electrostatic latent image on the photosensitive drum, and then goes through the steps of developing, transferring, fixing, etc. to complete the copying process.

digital laminating machines: Based on the copy function, standard or optional printing, scanning, and fax functions, using digital principles, output files in the form of laser printing, and can edit images and text as needed, with a large capacity Paper tray, high memory, large hard disk, strong network support and multi-task parallel processing capability can meet the needs of users for large-scale operation. It is commercial office equipment that can save a large amount of data and act as an enterprise information document management center.

Multifunction machine: Although there are many functions, printing technology is the basic function of the multifunction machine, because the realization of both the copy function and the fax-receiving function requires the support of the printing function to complete. Therefore, all-in-one machines can be divided into two categories: "laser-type products" and "ink-jet-type products" according to the printing method. In theory, the functions of an all-in-one machine include printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, but for an actual product, as long as it has two of these functions, it can be called an all-in-one machine.

Digital laminating machines are based on the copying function, while all-in-one machines are based on the printing function.

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